About Sewa Trust

Our group is our strength because is current lives people have not much time to spend with each other’s. But with God Grace we have prompt support of people working for development of SEWA Trust.

Bring awareness to the masses, build a big volunteer base to help the cause, help various Goshalas in shaping them and providing them support in areas like manpower, agriculture, design, rehabilitation and related socio-economic and socio-cultural issues associated with the cause, becomes the Mission of this group.

SEWA TRUST has a Vision of protecting the Indigenous Cow Progeny and Provide a peaceful environment for Cattle of all age groups and gender, to see an awakened nation and its citizens who shall naturally respect Cows, quit usage of leather products and see a “Cow slaughter free” India.

Greetings from Sewa Trust!

“An educational system is worth a great deal if it teaches young minds how to make a life rather than just making a living.”

Sewa Trust is a Non-Government and Non Profit making organization, established to work in the areas of Gausewa, Education, relief of poor, and have their own bajan mandli. THE SEWA TRUST, a devoted esteemed social organization working for creating social awareness on Save Environments, Save Cows, Have Promotion, development & empowerment programs for Government school’s Students, Save Nature and Save Cows has been the core areas of the organization. skill building and women empowerment is also in pipeline to do.

SEWA Trust (Selfless Engagement for Welfare Activities)

The dwellers of this sacred land consider “GAU” as mother of all beings. We the SEWA TRUST community work towards saving them from the unsafe hands and secure them with our rehabilitation efforts. Saving Cow is saving our Civilization. From time immemorial, cattle heritage has been the backbone of Bharath (India) and the ancient world at large. The economy of the land used to revolve around the Indigenous Cattle, be it agriculture, dairy farming or for transportation purposes, cattle were indeed the much needed resources across the length and breadth of the country. It was always a great engagement for both the humans and the cattle and the environment was truly enriched by the bondage of these two species. Bhagwan Sri Krishna, who is the Supreme and eternal SEWA TRUST has spread his love towards Cows and has demonstrated the importance of the Cows and sanctity of the five products they deliver “PanchaGavya - Gomutra (sacred cow Urine), Gomaya (cow dung), Milk, Curd (Yogurt), Ghee”. He has also revered these noble beings to be second to none. The sacred texts have described Sri Krishna as the ultimate protector of the Cows and the Brahminical clan (Gau-Brahmana-Hitaayacha). The Doctrine of Sri Krishna has always led the civilizations to prosper and is relevant even to this day! Off late, due to the influence of the West and due to the entry of the Exotic breeds into the Indian subcontinent, things started changing and the local cattle breeds were shunned away and made to lose their importance by bringing a commercial angle to these foreign breeds. The exotic cows were being showcased just by putting forth their milch capacity, sidelining the very sturdy and drought breeds and also the various cattle products that are known to have a huge medicinal value. The farmers' focus shifted more towards dairying and has been discarding theseDhanvantris and Kamadhenus at home, though the exotic breeds were not known to be any health keepers of humans and of agriculture. Meat mafia sprang up after globalization of Indian economy, though the laws of the land don’t permit cattle meat (beef) export. Corruption and greed started taking precedence and retaining the precious Indigenous Cattle heritage became a very costly affair. For a healthy living and for sustainable agricultural needs, Cattle are the most important factor.